Eva Masaki

001 Maple Sunglasses


The Eva Masaki 001 frame is an updated ‘Jackie O’ style made for personal expression. Sensibly oversized and narrow through the temples, the hexagonal frame is designed to fit a wide range of face shapes. A limited production handmade in Northern Italy from cellulose acetate by Mazzucchelli and Zeiss lenses.

100% UV protection.

Translucent maple frame with rich brown lens.

Frames are paired with a special leather case made with Japanese designer Miki Nagamine of RAKU. The case is inspired by the moccasin shoe traditional to indigenous cultures in North and Central America, and is cut from vegetable tanned Horween leather in natural. Like Miki’s shoes, the case is designed to “become part of the wearer’s comfortable life and bring a little bit of joy.” Buttery soft structure. Handmade in Mexico.

Handmade in Northern Italy for Eva Masaki.

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