Cleopatra Bling

Alexander Pendant


This ancient Greek coin dates to the period of Alexander the Great. On the obverse, Zeus is shown, seated with a bird - the Eagle of Zeus, or Aetos Dios. It was said to be Zeus’s own messenger. The eagle began his life as a mortal king whose rule was so great and beloved that he was celebrated by the gods, with this divine role. At the end of his life he was turned into a star and became part of the Aquila, with his true love, the heavenly vulture Lyra. On the reverse, the coin shows the ancient mythological hero Heracles, draped in a lion’s pelt.

Handcrafted and individually cast.

Each piece is unique, and includes chain.

Sterling Silver.

Pendants size : 2 x 2.3cm.

Made By Cleopatra Bling.

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